The financial year of the Society shall run from 1st January to 31st December.


            i.        At any meeting of the Managing Committee, four shall constitute a quorum for the committee.

ii.       At any general meeting or special general meeting of the society 2/3 majority of the total members shall constitute a quorum.



i.        The Society shall consist of, and be governed exclusively by ordinary members, who alone shall have powers to elect members and officers, and to change the memorandum and articles of association.

ii.       The memorandum and articles of association of the society cannot be altered unless two-thirds of the ordinary members are in favors of such a change at the annual or special general meeting.

iii.     Notice of the suggested change must be given to the General Secretary at least three months before such annual or special general meetings and he shall notify all ordinary members of the meeting.  Any ordinary member unable to attend can vote by sending a voting paper, filled in and signed, to the General Secretary before the day of the meeting.  The Chairman of the meeting shall add such written votes to those recorded by members attending in person.


 Donations of funds or any other moneys, including subscription fees, shall be deposited with a scheduled Bank or Banks as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time.  The Bank account shall be operated under the signature of the Treasurer.


      The funds of the Society shall be deposited in one or more scheduled banks in the name of the “Medical Research   Society of Pakistan” and be operated by the Treasurer of the Society.


 The General Body will comprise of Ordinary Members of the Society.

              Functions of the General Body

            a.    The General Body will be responsible for all the workings of the Society.

b.    All decisions, including removal of a member and amendment in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, would require a two-thirds majority.

c.    The General Body shall elect the members of the Managing Committee.


            i.        The Managing Committee shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the society.

ii.       The Managing Committee shall consist of:  the Chairman, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, a representative nominated by the Executive Council of the Association of Pakistani Physicians (PP), and three other elected members.

iii.     The Chairman, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the nominee of the APP, and the three elected members of the Managing Committee will hold office for a period of 4 years, up to the end of the fourth annual meeting.

iv.     Following this time period, the Chairman, General Secretary, the Treasurer and the three elected members of the committee shall be elected annually by a ballot of the ordinary members attending the annual general meeting of the society, whereas the nominee of the APP will be selected annually by the Executive Council of the APP.


i.        Members to serve as Treasurer, Secretary or as elected members of the Committee, may be nominated by the committee or by any two ordinary members; nominations shall be sent to the General Secretary at least three months before the annual general meeting or special general meeting as the case may be.

ii.       The Secretary shall send to each ordinary member at least two months before the annual general meeting or special general meeting, a balloting list containing the name of ordinary members nominated to serve as the Treasurer, the General Secretary and elected members of the Committee.

iii.     Every ordinary member shall have a right to one vote, but a member in default who has not paid the subscription fee till the time of the annual general meeting or special general meeting shall not be eligible to cast his vote.

iv.     One month after the elections, the new managing committee shall take office and the old managing committee shall return and surrender charge of the office.


i.                    The managing committee shall be responsible for organizing the general meetings, special general meetings and the scientific meetings.

ii.                   The managing committee may also form/constitute, sub-committee(s) which shall function subject to the control of the managing committee.

iii.                 The managing Committee is also authorized to suspend the membership of any member on the basis of misconduct or working against the interests of the society.


       i.                    CHAIRMAN

      The committee shall elect annually from its ordinary members a chairman who shall preside at its meetings.

ii.                 GENERAL SECRETARY

a.      Shall be responsible for executing the decisions of the Managing Committee

b.      Keeping proper records of the proceedings of all the meetings held

c.      Executing and enforcing resolutions passed in the meetings in conformity with the provisions of the memorandum and articles of the society and representing the society in all matters relating thereto.

d.      Keeping custody and control of the records of the society.

e.      Supervising the administration of the paid staff of the society.  He shall also have the power to appoint or suspend or terminate or dismiss or reinstate the paid staff of the society.

     iii.               TREASURER

a.      The treasurer shall collect the annual subscription fee and issue receipts,

b.      Shall maintain or cause to be maintained proper accounts and books of accounts of income and expenditure of the Society,

c.      Shall receive donations and other funds and issue receipts therefore,

d.      Prepare the budget and obtain sanctions from the Managing Committee,

e.      Make payments with the approval of the Managing Committee,

f.        Operate Bank accounts and draw cheques, etc.

g.       Perform other work relating to accounts of the Society as assigned by the Managing Committee.


 This representative will assist the Chairman, general Secretary and the Treasurer in the manner desired by them.


 All the three elected members will assist the Chairman, General Secretary and the Treasurer in the manner desired of them.

     vi.                VACANCY

 Any casual vacancy occurring in the office of Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer or in the three elected members of the Managing Committee will be filled by the Managing Committee by nominating anyone from the Ordinary Members of the General Body, who will hold office until the next annual general meeting or special general meeting.


 All accounts of the Society will be audited by a qualified Chartered Accountant every year duly appointed by the General Body.  The Treasurer shall submit to the Auditors each year the accounts of the Society for the previous year for the purpose of auditing.  The Auditor’s statement of the accounts shall be circulated to all the members before the Annual General Meeting.


 That on dissolution of the Society after the approval of a 2/3 majority of the general body, all assets of the society shall be donated to any other society, subject to the condition that such Association must be in agreement with the aims and objects of the Association and after clearance of all liabilities.