Membership Rules


Membership of the Society will be open to those who are engaged in or direct research for the purpose of promoting biomedical research in Pakistan, and advancing knowledge of the causes and processes of disease and health care delivery in man by clinical or by related experimental studies.

 The annual subscription by members shall be Rs. 250.00 ($ 25.00 for overseas members). Payable in advance and shall become due on the 1st day of January in each year.

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 i)        There shall be three types of membership:

         a.            ORDINARY MEMBERS

 Only those who are engaged in or who direct medical research shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership of the Society.

 Any Ordinary Member may propose candidates for membership by sending to the General Secretary, at least three month before a meeting of the Society, their names and qualification for election to the Society.

 The Managing Committee shall select, among the names proposed by Ordinary Members, candidates for election into the Society.

 The candidate shall be elected by a ballot of Ordinary Members at an annual meeting or a special general meeting by a majority of two-thirds of those voting.

 Ordinary Members, on retirement from academic posts and/or clinical practice, may apply to the managing committee for a reduced subscription. On approval by the managing committee they will then be known as “Senior Members”.

b.            HONORARY MEMBERS

Men and women of distinction in Science, who have contributed to the advancement of Medical Sciences by research may be elected as Honorary Members of the Society. The number of Honorary members shall not exceed 12.


 Medical students and trainee medical research workers may be elected as Associate Members of the Society. The procedure for election into the society shall be the same as that describved under 1a except that the annual subscription fee for Associate Members, will be Rs. 100 (or $10.00 for overseas members).

ii)    Privileges of Members

a.             Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote at all the meetings of the Society and to propose candidates for membership of the Society. They shall be entitled, so long as their annual subscriptions are not in arrears, to receive all publications/ announcements of the Society.

b.            Any Ordinary member unable to attend a meeting at which a ballot is to take place can vote by sending his ballot paper, enclosed in an envelope in an envelope bearing his name and the words “balloting paper” to the General Secretary to be received by him/her before the day of the ballot.

c.             Any Ordinary Member may introduce visitors to a general meeting with the approval of the Chairman. A visitor so introduced may demonstrate, communicate or discuss under the same conditions as members of the Society.

d.            Senior members will also be entitled to receive notices of all meetings and abstracts of communications of the meetings.


i)        A member may resign from the Society by signifying his desire to do so in a letter addressed to the General Secretary. The Society, however, shall not be liable to return any fee that may have been paid by the member in advance.

ii)      The Managing Committee shall be empowered to recommend the removal of a member if in its opinion the interest of the Society require it. Any such recommendations shall be submitted to a general meeting of the Society. If two-thirds of the members vote by ballot in support of the Managing Committee, the member in question shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Society.

iii)     Any member whose subscription is one year in arrears and who has been duly notified of the fact by the Treasurer shall cease to be a member of the Society, but shall be eligible for re-election.

iv)    A member shall cease to be a member of the Society for any of the following reasons:

a. Resignation accepted by Managing Committee.

b. Death of member.

c. Gross misconduct.

d. Final conviction and sentence by a Court of Law involving moral turpitude, followed by a resolution of the Managing Committee.      

e. If a member commits default in payment of the annual fees.

 3.                  RESTORATION OF MEMBERSHIP

Members who have ceased to be a member of the society or whose membership has been terminated for any of the reasons mentioned above shall be eligible for re-election with the approval of the Managing Committee except sub clause iv (b) and iv (d) of clause (2) above.